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High-Risk Types

High risk types - 16-18-31-35-39-45-51-52-56-58-68.

As far back, as the 1800s scientists recognized that celibate nuns did not get cervical cancer. Then in our generation the Human Papillomavirus was confirmed to be the cause. 

In the last twenty years DNA technologies for detection have found that the Human Papillomavirus has a subset of 30 strains, which are sexually transmitted. Thirteen are known as high-risk, because they have been found to cause cancer and it's precursor, intraepithelial neoplasia of the genital and oral surfaces.Types 16 and 18 being responsible for most of these cancers.

In cervical cancer HPV is a necessary agent, yet the HPV infection alone may not be sufficient to cause it. Cofactors to cervical cancer progression are smoking, use of oral contraceptives and lack of certain antioxidants. In fact, most HPV infections are transient, causing only mild cytologic abnormalities and usually becoming undetectable.

Please refer to the section on clearing the infection. Research is now conclusive there is a direct correlation between HPV and your level of antioxidants. You must get the proper nutrition and take good legitimate supplements.

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