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How did I get HPV?

How did I get HPV? I always use protection.
Tests showed condoms were only 80% effective when used 100% of the time. Remember, any sex act can transmit the virus. HPV was found in semen, saliva and it is highly transmittable.

How about me?
I have been married for ten years. Never had an abnormal Pap smear. Now I was given an HPV test and it's positive. First of all, this does not mean your spouse has been unfaithful. The virus can lay dormant in the body for years and cause no symptoms. The HPV could have been carried into the relationship by either of you. All it takes is for one of you to have a previous partner.

If a woman in a monogamous relationship tests positive for HPV, does that mean the man has it?
Studies say yes.

Is there a test for men?
No, but one is coming soon. If you were diagnosed with HPV that causes genital warts, you must check your partner's genital area. It would be advantageous for you both to shave the genital area, the warts can be very tiny. If you find anything suspicious, go to a dermatologist for removal, do not have relations till warts are removed and healed.

If you were diagnosed with a high risk type, your partner must inform his primary care physician and dental professional, as he may be at risk for a rare penile and oral cancer.

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