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I tested positive for HPV, will my partner and I keep passing it back and forth?
This is an area of many opinions. Research says that HPV positive women cleared the virus faster when a condom was used 100% of the time. This would indicate that there is some type of reinfection.

In European study the maximum protection against HPV was obtained by using a condom with a sexual lubricant and having no oral to genital contact. Why a condom with sexual lubricant? Because condoms are only 80% effective at blocking HPV. Why sexual lubricants? Those containing carrageenan has been shown to block the transmission of STDs including HPV. Therefore using both would obviously give one the maximum protection available. Why no oral sex? Studies revealed HPV to be present in the semen and saliva.

As of November 2008 statistics show a marked increase in oral cancer in both male and females. Scientists agree this is directly correlated with the increased number of High Risk HPV cases.

Conclusion, it would be advisable not to engage in oral sex till the HPV virus has cleared.

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