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It is estimated that 50% of sexually active women and men are infected with HPV virus. The virus is highly contagious and can be transmitted through any type of sexual contact. Even condoms which are effective against most STDs were found to offer only 80% protection. There are many misconceptions about the transmission of the virus. For example, many think that oral sex does not transmit HPV, when in fact, new research states that the oral cavity is highly susceptible to HPV virus. Having more than 5 oral sex partners in a lifetime increases the chances of oral cancer by 250%. By comparison, smoking or drinking increases the risk of such cancers by only threefold.
As contagious as the virus is, condoms do offer some protection. There is also new research involving sexual lubricants, those containing the ingredient carrageenan inhibited the HPV infection. Based upon this information the highest degree of protection would involve the use of a sexual lubricant, condom and abstaining from oral sex.

The only 100% protection is abstinence.

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