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Teenage Target

The majority of women contract HPV and other STDs before age 20. There are many STDs which present no initial symptoms, and HPV is one of them. During the teenage years the female as well as the male often exhibits irresponsible sexual behavior be it hormones, peer pressures or just lack of experience. Unfortunately, the teenage female is the perfect target for STDs. Why? In these child bearing years the female's uterine contractions are more forceful to draw semen into the cervix and with the semen any pathogens that are present. Then we add stress and the fact that most teenagers often have diets low in fruits and vegetables and we have a perfect scenario for HPV to take hold.

First and foremost young sexually active women must see a qualified gynecologist. You must get the vaccine for cervical cancer. If you have been sexually active tell your doctor you would like to get the STD panel to check for active sexually transmitted diseases. It is not unusual for person to have an STD and not be aware of it. You will also want to continue your annual Pap test and HPV DNA test. Physicians must not “sugar coat " the facts. Information must be made available to the patient about STDs, the dangers of multiple partners and the fact that condoms offer only 80% protection. When it comes to nutrition, a healthy diet is essential to young women. Research indicates, those who do not receive proper nutrients are more vulnerable to HPV and cervical cancer. We recommend you take a nutritional supplement on a daily basis. The young female must utilize all available means to maintain a healthy body.



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